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     Binatang merupakan sahabat manusia yang sangat akrab, dan binatang ingin sekali kalau selalu menjaganya serta merawatnya dengan baik, di dalam sebuah buku yang saya baca, orang yang memelihara binatang itu, sangat baik, dia dapat mengerti keadaan seseorang, at this point, I want tell you all something that very important, and for someone wants it..:

1. The cat give and fill our empty heart with his act..and to cool out our sadly.

2. Give our comfort, and happy .

3. while we sad, it can bring our joy, and can wipe our sadly heart that very empty.

4. as the healer to cool out heart, but never to force it, and careless of, we as people like to protect by someone, so do the cat/ another animals.

I very gratitude of you all that reads it, and pay attention to understand my english,,..coz isn’t well that you though,.thank you everybody.


fauna..its very kind,,if we have save and care about it…

Napoleon Bonaparte, born in 1769 and as the most famous man in the family. he also became part of French military academy.Although Napoleon had too much depth in terms of the military, he is still struggling to reach the opportunities in front of his eyes, so all of society of french to wants him becomes leader,and eventually he was in crowned.Before entering the world war, Rusian military arrest and exiled in the UK,because terms of rusian military very hates napoleon emerge envious by self, so that situation is very un fortunate for napolen,and finally, he died because had a cancer of his body and the warriors increase so fast, that's no way again for napoleon, he died in the ST. hellena, where a small island situated in the UK ..
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